About us

Smooth Distribution is the exclusive Polish distributor of the US ALT ZERO nicotine free e-liquids. In our portfolio, you can also find other leading brands of the Canadian group PGVG Labs.

Why American e-liquids?

The American e-liquid market is characterized by high maturity, culture and awareness of vaporing. Numerous liquid tests carried out by certified laboratories, strict control of the production, high quality of ingredients and aesthetics of packaging make up a special quality of the final product.

Our brands have the most consistent, purest and best flavor available on the market. Each of our flavors is the result of months of experience and the in-depth knowledge of real enthusiasts of vaporing.

VAPE Concept

Travels, meetings with producers and consumers of e-liquids and contact with the latest technologies have made us realize that we can live better. We look for a more comfortable lifestyle for us and the environment. As a result, we think that vaporing is not just a fashion. It’s a lifestyle.

Wishing to share our passion and experience, we have decided to become a distributor of premium-class nicotine-free liquids and provide you with the pleasure of using high-quality products with an exceptional aroma.